OASYS Healthcare is a premium supplier of OR Integration Systems and related products for the modern operating room. OASYS offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry with a Patented design that saves on operational costs for years to come. OASYS is your budget friendly healthcare solution provider!

Features and Benefits


  • Open Architecture – Gives you the freedom of
    choice for product selection in your OR
  • Modular Scalable Design – LOW COST entry
    point with the ability to add future software
  • User Friendly Interface – Improves clinical
    outcomes, puts focus back on the patient
  • Built-in redundancy – enhanced reliability &
    serviceability ensuring greater uptime
  • Patented Configurator – No more charges for
    custom software development
  • Intelligent design virtually eliminates noise and
    heat generation

OASYS stands for Open Architecture SYStems. OASYS is 100% vendor-neutral, allowing you freedom of choice when selecting devices for your OR’s.