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Amico Wall Board Diagnostic Station


Diagnostic Station with Dispenser, Aneroid, Thermometer

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Diagnostic Station with Coaxial Ophthalmoscope, Fiber Optic Otoscope, Specula Dispenser, Digital Predictive Thermometry, Aneroid, Cuff Basket, and Adult Latex-Free Cuff.

  • Wall Board
  • Pre-drilled wall board allows for simple installation of diagnostic station
  • Wide variety of colors and wood laminates to meet all design needs
  • Color can be matched to Amico Headwalls
  • Base Station
  • Automatic ON/OFF independent of handle cradle
  • High efficiency power supply allows simultaneous instrument operation
  • Integrated cord wrap eliminates excess wiring
  • Rheostat located on handles for easy light adjustment
  • Specula Dispenser
  • Dispenses up to 4 specula sizes
  • Clear housing allows for quick inventory management
  • Compatible with KleenSpec specula
  • Deep storage holds items such as tongue depressors
  • Wall Aneroid
  • Accurate within 3 mmHg
  • 110? swivel adjustment
  • Large 6″ (15 cm) recessed dial face for increased visibility
  • Latex and mercury free
  • Electronic Thermometry
  • Predictive or infrared options available
  • Fast read response in under 4 seconds
  • 60 second pulse timer option
  • Hygienic single use probe covers allow touchless loading and ejecting



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